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Interesting rhythm, with enough variation to keep it interesting the entire time, as well as having an awesome title.

I'm fully expecting a 17-minute long (0)588235294117647 now.

Kloudtana responds:

haha, on it chief.

Nobody? Okay.

I clicked on this expecting it to be the kind of rubbish I'd throw together, with no cohesion and cheap standard MIDI instruments thrown over a basic drumbeat, along with "video games" being represented by a very small subset of single-console games from one particular time period.

This did not meet my expectations. And that is a good thing.

Not only has the instrumentation been thought through for every single track, but the songs gel relatively well together, and there's such a wide range of games covered that I don't think anyone can be disappointed with this selection. (I mean, not only are all the standards like Sonic, Mario, Golden Axe, and Tetris covered, but also the lesser-heard Chu Chu Rocket and Crash Bandicoot, recent games like GTA and Halo, and even things like Classic Game Room and Ragnarok, all of their themes (or at least themes associated with the game, like Angel Island for Sonic 3) instantly identifiable.

Sometimes the themes aren't blended together enough, and just seem like two separate songs; but this doesn't happen often enough and isn't major enough for me to even knock half a star off.

Also, I thought Nozomi's Theme was an odd choice for Shenmue, as well as being an odd arrangement... but 59/60 isn't bad. ;)

Fantastic. I haven't heard the first two parts, but if they're of this quality then they're definitely worth listening to.

Normally, I like to review by pointing out problems first. But I'm struggling here.

The track has such a feel-good vibe it's infectious. It just bundles along under its own energy. It should get repetitive quickly, but you manage to avoid that with some subtle variations to keep it new and interesting.

Really, the only problem with it is the fact that it has to end.

This is incredible stuff! The only thing I'd suggest is having the guitar drop out for a section or two, and changing the lead synth, but other than that it's fantastic.

glubglubz responds:

Thanks! that is a good suggestion.

The ending was great, and generally I liked the style of it. But as you said, there's something not right with it, and it's throwing off the whole mix.

It sounds to me like a case of instrumentation - Sky Sanctuary's melody works especially well in the original because it's played strongly, with a hard synth. This arrangement using a softer and muddier lead shifts focus away from the melody, and instead brings out the guitar backing.

That's literally the only fault I have with it, so it's a 4. Keep up the awesome.

glubglubz responds:

Thanks, that is a good point. I'll take another look at the master track and compression settings to see if I can fix that.

I clicked on this, thinking, "Dumb Ways to Die? I remember that! But that's completely unsuitable for punk, this is going to be terrible!"

And I was completely and utterly wrong. I have no idea how you made this work, but clearly you need to do this for every single song ever.


You did a good job on this. I especially like the instrumentation.

My only complaint is that the piano part in the middle should've been longer - but only because it was so great.

Short-Factor responds:

You think? I thought the piano section was adequate length compared to the rest of the song, given the whole song is fairly short. I'll keep that in mind.


The only fault I have is that it's too short. But that's only because six minutes of excellence is better than 35 seconds of excellence. This would work great in a Sonic game.

skychase responds:

Thanks a bunch mate, the whole idea was a small tune to loop when you're playing the happy coast forest stage. I'm glad you liked it! seriously


Carefree and happy indeed. Makes me feel all warm and fluffy.

sonicExplorer responds:

haha thanks


This would really work in a puzzle-type game, and I'm assuming that's what "Tunnels" is. Good job!

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